Friday, October 21, 2011

What's for dinner: Don't eat me!

Yesterday while roaming around the Dekalb farmer's market, I came upon one of my favorite area's in the whole place... the fish market. Sure it's smelly and cold, but there is so much to choose from and the prices are generally pretty good. Anyhow, I looked up and saw the big sign hanging on the lobster tank... "Live Maine Lobster $9.99/lb". I turned to my better half, and I said. I wanna do it. I want to finally cook a live lobster. Truth be told, I have never cooked a live lobster. Ever. Tails, absolutely. But a living, crawling lobster. No. Until last night.

Don't eat me...

On the way home I could hear the bag rustling in the back seat... it kind of gave me the heebie jeebies. Totally made me think about Julie from one of my favorite movies, Julie and Julia.

That was the exact scene in my kitchen last night. I filled my stock pot with water, added sea salt and brought it to a rolling boil. Then I stood there staring at the lobster for a while, trying to get up the courage to pick him up and plunge him in the water. I finally said a little prayer, thanking him for his life and dropped him in.

 The hardest part was over... next it was time to break him down and get it ready to eat.
Bright red lobster ready to be broken down

Lobster Claws, knuckles and tail

Pulling out that yummy tail meat...
Like I said the hard part was over. Breaking down the lobster and pulling out the meat was a cinch. You also have to remember to pull out the digestive track once you free the tail meat.... not so glamorous, but it needs to be done. Also, don't you dare throw that lobster body away! It's perfect for making a lobster/seafood stock, I'll be sure to do another post on that.
The meat was perfectly sweet and succulent. I decided to heat it back up quickly in some butter and garlic for a little extra yumminess. Since it was already done I had to be careful not to overcook it. So I just heated some butter in a small saute pan with garlic and dropped the lobster meat in for just a minute constantly pouring the butter and garlic over the meat with a spoon.

Yum!! The final product... lobster drenched in garlic butter and a few sprinkles of parsley

The end result was amazingly delicious, so buttery and tender. It was definitely worth it. Another experience I get to mark off my list!

Have an amazing weekend! Don't forget to hit the Taste of Atlanta this weekend! We'll see you back here on Monday for "Monday Funday!".

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Kenya said...

you ROCK! Chef Michelle.

Chef Michelle said...

Thanks Kenya :-)