Friday, October 7, 2011

What's for Dinner: HD1 First Taste...

Happy Friday! I have some exciting stuff for you today... I finally made it over to Richard Blais's new restaurant... HD1.

Clad in workout gear my good friend and I marched our way down the freedom park trail and eventually landed in the Poncey-Highlands right in front of the fancy 'Haute' dog joint.

Call me a groupie, but I'm a huge fan of Blais. He's creative, he's original and still humble... of course I get all of that from TV and the few times I've seen him behind the counter at FLIP, but nonetheless, that makes me wanna try whatever he's selling. I am however, NOT, a fan of hot dogs. At all really. But being a fan and a foodie, I couldn't resist the urge to give HD1 a try.

From the outside it looks like a sexy, trendy (read: pricey) restaurant with funky architectural details, but when you walk in, it is super laid back with counter service, communal style dining and inexpensive eats. After skimming the menu board we placed our order with the uber pleasant young lady at the counter... Popped Sorghum, 1 Fennel dog and 1 Classic dog.

First the Popped Sorghum... I'm ashamed to say, I didn't know what it was. It looks like tiny popcorn... popcorn for barbie if you will,  and it tastes like delicious kettle corn, salty and sweet, but better.

Next the 2 dogs...

The Classic Hot Dog with Sauerkraut & HD mustard and the Fennel sausage with San Marzano Ketchup, Fontina and grilled Radicchio

The Classic

The Fennel
Even as a hot dog hater, I have to admit, they were both delish. The buttery, toasted brioche New England style bun with house made condiments were perfect and the dogs had that perfect snap that every German likes to hear when eating a yummy sausage. No complaints at all, other than I wanted to try everything else on the menu.

*Side note for all the vegans and vegetarians... all dogs can be substitute for Sous vide Carrot or Veggie Frankfurter*

To our surprise, the Manager brought over some complimentary Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream with Red Hots to make up for not having the beverage my friend ordered. I've had better desserts, but I still ate all the red hots off the top of the ice cream.

All in all, HD1 is a fun, inexpensive place with GREAT service to grab some creative food. I'm still not a fan of hot dogs, but I am I am fan of yummy eats, so I will definitely be back. Go check it our for yourself and let us know what you think!

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Have a yumtastic weekend! We'll see you back here on Monday for, "Monday Funday"!

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