Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Funday!

Happy Labor Day to you all! I hope you are enjoying all kinds of yumtastic eats today!

We are back in full effect, thanks for your patience. We have so many things to talk about, so let's get started.
First, you know what today is, so make your way over to Makes me wanna holler for "Monday's with Michelle". We've got another great recipe for you in our 'Host(ess) with Most(est)' series.

Moving right along...

Last week I told you all about a competition that Kenya Crooks was hosting to promote weight loss and healthy eating. Well, we ended the week on a huge high, the winner lost 16 lbs in 6 days, and yours truly, Chef Michelle lost 14 lbs in 6 days. Impressive right? I agree that is a ton to loose in a week, but between the tough workouts with Kenya and healthy eating habits, it is definitely possible.

Speaking of food, here are some the yummy meals that I created this week to help us along our journey...

Notice there are NO carbs... anywhere. Surprisingly, I didn't miss them at all. It was a delicious and healthy and satisfying! Send us an email if you are interested in having some of these healthy meals made for you.
We'll see you back here on Wednesday for "Midweek eats". Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Thanks for reading!

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