Friday, August 26, 2011

What’s for dinner: Basil-y goodness

This week a friend and I made it over to the West Midtown area to try out Westside Pie (and to use their free wifi). It’s located in the retail space directly below the apartments of Apex West midtown. This pizza joint has only been open for a few months and is owned by the duo that runs Slice downtown.

When I walked in it was empty for the most part, just one table occupied with 4 people and 4 laptops... and 4 cocktails. Since I had a similar plan, I found the nearest table with an outlet nearby and made my myself comfortable. I was greeted immediately by an upbeat server with menus in hand. Still clad in my workout gear, I 'treated' myself to a cocktail (yes, I know alchol is mostly sugar and conterproductive, but, so what.). I skimmed the drink menu and the words 'fresh basil' caught my eye, so I ordered the Westside Martini.
Westside Martini: Ketel One, pink grapefruit juice, fresh basil and lime
The Westside Martini was a delicious mix of  Ketel One, pink grapefruit juice, fresh basil and lime. This cocktail was a little tart (in a fantastic way) with the sweetness of the fresh basil bits that floated around in the glass. Delicious does not even cover how yummy this cocktail was! It was easily the best drink that I've had in a long time.

I decided to stick with the basil theme for the night and started with Caprese Skewers. My appetizer came out with 5 mini skewers threaded with grape tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella on a balsamic drizzle decorated plate. The plating was cute in a predicatable way, but unfortunetly, it wasn't anything to rave about. It could have used a little sprinkle of salt and pepper and maybe a drizzle of olive oil. The tomatoes were fresh and the basil was sweet, but it was still lacking something for me.
Caprese Skewers
On to the pizza.

Keeping with my basil theme for the night I ordered the traditional margherita pizza . It was good, but like the Caprese salad it was lacking a little something. I did enjoy the thin crust and it wasn't too greasy like some traditional pies, but it was still missing something. More cheese maybe? A more flavorful sauce? I don't know. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad by any means, it just didn't have that wow that makes your taste buds do a jig. 

Margherita Pizza
All in all, Westside Pie is a good hangout spot, free wifi and that amazing Westside Martini, not to crowded and friendly service. As always, go check it out for yourselves and let us know what you think!

WestSide Pie on Urbanspoon

Hope you all have super yummy and delicious weekend! Catch you back here on Monday for "Monday Funday!"

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