Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Funday!!

Happy Monday Folks!  Hope you all had a wonderfully delicious weekend!
Great news… check me out today on E.Payne’s blog Makes me wanna holler for ‘Monday’s with Michelle’.

E. Payne was listed as one of Cision’s Top 50 Dad Bloggers for his very charming, very frank blog on Life, Love and Fatherhood. They say Dads can’t cook (unless a grill is involved), which I’m sure isn’t true in E. Payne’s case, but nevertheless, I’ll be sharing some recipes and foodie fun for the parents (and child-free people as well) on his site, so make sure you stop by his site every Monday to check it out.
I’ll see you guys back here on Wednesday for ‘Mid-week Eats’.  Have a great Monday!

Thanks for reading!

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Jessica said...

Love the guest posting Chel, Mondays with Michelle, so cute :) Looks like you are really branching out and connecting with different bloggers. Wait til they actually taste your creations!!

Chef Michelle said...

Thanks Jess! :-)