Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Midweek eats: Scoutmob and Seafood

Ahh Scoutmob, the very cool local deal wizard that allows us to eat out continuously and not feel too bad about spending too much money. I don’t know about you all, but one of the first things I do in the morning is search my blackberry for the Scoutmob email to see who’s gonna give me 50% off this week.

Coast Seafood and Raw Bar was the latest winner.

(Photo from Scoutmob)

Coast is apart of the infamous Here to Serve restaurant group (Strip, Twist, Shout, Noche and many more). It is located in the ritzy Buckhead neighborhood, on the corner of  Piedmont and West Paces Ferry. It has a fairly large, casual patio great for evening dining and an indoor dining room adorned with kitchy beach decor and bright blue walls.

We were sat immediately and wasted no time in ordering appetizers. We started with a Caesar Salad and Seafood Nachos.

I don't know how you screw up a Caesar Salad, but Coast managed to do it. Between the anchovy, croutons and extra seasoning, the salad was way too salty and the dressing tasted like salted water. Not good. At all.

The Seafood Nachos on the other hand, I LOVED. The delicate mix of sweet, succulent seafood, spicy jalapeno and cheese on top on the crunchy chips was divine. My other half didn't share the same affinity for the nachos (more for me!). She was looking for more traditional nachos with plenty of cheese, it was just a little too dry for her.

For our entree we had the Coast's Special Seafood Boil  for two with Shrimp, Crab legs, corn and potatoes. And I had to get a cocktail.... White Sangria.    


The Crab was absolutely delicious, cooked perfectly, fresh and sweet. The shrimp, blah. Have had better peel and eat shrimp at dive bars. It was so bland, not deveined and rubbery. Hated it. Let's talk about the Crab again. Yummy, divine... I want more. The corn was fresh and yummy and the potatos... well, it was a boiled whole potato.

The White Sangria, nothing to write home about. Mostly juice, huge slices of citrus, refreshing, but I could have just had a lemonade or a beer.

Soooo, the skinny on Coast. Go for the Crab Legs and Seafood Nachos.If you are into raw seafood, I hear the Oysters, clams and mussels are pretty good here too. But as always, go and check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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Have a great hump day! See you back here on Friday for, "What's for Dinner?".

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