Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fellow foodies, check this out...

Creative Loafing: 100 Dishes to eat in Atlanta before you die.
This was posted a few weeks ago in Creative Loafing and I just stumbled across it. I thought it was worth mentioning. The list includes lots of diverse dishes from restaurants all around the Atlanta area,  everything from Waffle House to Bacchanalia. Sounds like a fun project…. “Operation: Eat all 100 dishes in 100 days” (without becoming fat… or penniless. Ok, maybe we should leave that project to someone else?)

Find a user friendly check list here… print it out and get started!

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Thanks for reading!


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Chef Michelle said...

Hi Zonia! Thanks so much for reading... I'm glad you are enjoying it! Make sure you follow the blog and/or subscribe so you get updates on all our new posts. Thanks again!